Consultations Worldwide

Families who benefit from learning disabilities consultations

Are you frustrated that you haven’t found a learning disabilities specialist or other professional who sees the bigger picture, beyond test scores and labels? Do you sense that your student needs a different kind of help in addition to what you have already found?

Are you a family who is home schooling and you see that one of your students needs some additional help so that learning can be a happier and more successful experience?

Is yours an expat family, searching for more services for learning differences than your international school is able to provide?

Labels such as ADD and Dyslexia sometimes result from a  narrow assessment process based almost entirely on test scores or rating scales. There are several possible reasons why a student struggles with reading or has difficulty paying attention or following directions.  Often some of the possible contributing causes of learning difficulties are not explored. In spite of great effort as a parent, you may not yet have found help to make school a more pleasant and successful place for your student.

Parents who wish to consult with Dr. Minton and who live too far to easily commute to her office have found the teleconsultation option to be easy and very helpful.

How the process works

The services provided at a distance are similar in many ways to the work we do if meeting in person. You describe your concerns during our initial consultation, using video teleconferencing, phone or email. You share records from teachers and tutors, and any testing that may have been conducted. A parent questionnaire about your student’s history and your own observations is an important part of the process. No one knows your child better than you do.

The information gathered is carefully interpreted to uncover factors related to learning and academic success. The approach taken may be more extensive than some previous assessments.  A one-size-fits-all approach is not successful for everyone and the next steps will vary for each student.  For example, for some families it will involve providing assistance in finding the best specialist practitioners, close to your home, who are a good match for your student’s specific needs. This process has worked well for other families across the U.S., Canada, and worldwide and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

The term Learning Disabilities

The meaning of the term “Learning Disabilities” varies among some countries and to avoid confusion it is important to clarify how the term is used here..  Here it describes learning difficulties or learning differences experienced by students with cognitive abilities in the average, high average, or gifted range. It refers to students who function developmentally within average norms, but who have difficulties with one or more aspects of learning related to school.

Areas of difficulty referred to here as “learning disabilities” could include difficulties with following directions, staying on task, organizational skills, reading, math, written language, spelling, memory, and completing work and tests within time limits. I regret that I am not qualified to offer consultation services for individuals whose needs include development of basic life skills and supervised living or employment.